About Us

Omega Healthcare Solutions is one of the fastest growing healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK. We are born out of genuine desire to support the care industry with provision of trained staff in different care settings


What makes Omega Healthcare Solutions unique is our utilitarian approach to care, Our passion to provide the highest quality of care and our ability to provide quality staff across the various healthcare settings. 



Therefore we are an experienced and enthusiastic team whose purpose is to meet client’s needs.

Omega healthcare solution has sound principles which are guidelines for all our staffs.


Omega healthcare values:  



Every aspect of their service is first class; locums are booked and confirmed very promptly -
more often on the same day; documentation is always complete, up to date and sent with
the booking confirmation, and the staffs provided are always punctual, competent and

Practice Manager,

South East London.

“Omega Healthcare Solutions have demonstrated their suitability to be considered a trusted
and responsive supplier of suitably accredited and experienced clinical staff to assist in
fulfilling the needs of our patients at a time of unprecedented demand. ​They have a clear
insight into the requirements of providers and are able to respond to such with a high level
of assurance.”

Hospital director,